Friday feeling

In 2 days I will be back at work, feeling lost and hopeless but not today, not now.

Today is Friday and some how I got through it.

I didn’t do much as I didn’t have the capability but I did learn a few small things and put them in to practice.

It has been overwhelming working for a company as big as this one.

A global, talent attracting organization that moves quickly and offers such a breadth of solutions.

I drove home with the sun still shining, the window down, my hand out, a cigarette in my mouth and my favorite music playing. Life is not that bad Liam.

Driving away from my worries, my fears and my problems.

Tomorrow I turn 30 years old which is something I have been looking forward to for some time but unfortunately it won’t be all I’d hope it would be.

By 30, I didn’t expect to ‘make it’ but I did expect to be on the path but then again life has its own plan, it’s a bitch like that.

I’m a thirty year old man sleeping on his parents floor with a debt of $15k and haven’t had an income for 8 months. What a year!

In 2014, I was emotionally struggling but professionally performing well.

In 2015 I broke down, I spent time in 3 mental institutions and I lost my mojo but many tears later I got my family back.



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